rough blue amber

We are a dynamic firm that works exclusively in Dominican amber jewellery as well as supply Dominican amber in it's rough state for export around the world.


We make our own blue amber jewellery in excellent quality and we also supply jewelry and raw blue amber for export to China and USA as well as other parts of the world


We are located in the Dominican Republic where green and blue amber is extracted from the mine. This allows us to obtain the best quality blue amber and offer a lower price. All our blue amber is genuine from the Dominican Republic and is 100% natural without having undergone any artificial treatment to enhance it's appearance.


Our jewellery pays homage to what has been created in nature: amber in many shapes and varying tonality...
We operate in the Dominican Republic, where the amber mines offer a material of outstandingly high quality, colour, transparency and purity.

Although we specialize in Dominican blue amber we also create beautiful jewellery in yellow, red and even green amber.
If you come to spend your vacations on the peninsula of Samaná don't forget to contact us:  on celestialblueamber web-site.
You won't be disappointed and you will be warmly welcomed.
Our aim is for you to feel at home.
On your visit you will not only be able to appreciate our fascinating blue amber jewellery collection but also be able to enjoy and learn about this marvellous and fascinating country.


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