Rough and Semi Polished Blue Amber 多明尼加 蓝琥珀

多米尼加蓝琥珀 多米尼加蓝琥珀销售 多米尼加藍琥珀  


We are constantly obtaining new, top quality material for our regular customers, so if what you require appears as 'sold', please contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to provide you with what you need.



Please contact us about any of the available items for more information and prices.

1367g single piece.

AAA pieces.

New. AAA -AAB Clear lot. 404.7g

AAA beads. 7 mm - 15 mm. 28g

clear green amber beads. low price.

147.6g. clear single piece

612g. Mixed colour pieces.

small polished natural shape pieces. 

270g. clear lot.

391g. Clear lot. large pieces.

85.9g. 2 clear pieces. Sold

169g. clear piece. sold

800g. lot with some inclusions.

73.7g. 2 clear pieces. Sold

127g. clear single piece

183.5g. Large & small piece. Sold

94.5g. 3 clear pieces. Sold

235.5g clear lot. 10 pieces. Sold

86g. clear single piece.

254g  lot. 95% clear. Sold

335g lot. quite clear with some inclusions.

Turquoise clear lot. 746g. Sold

AAA beads

AAB beads. 79.6g

175g single piece. AAB 

180.8g single piece. AAB 

700g - 2KG  AAA. Dominican green amber.

149g AAA. 4 pieces.  Sold

1233g AAA single piece. available.

170.4g. AAB single piece. sold

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174g. AAB single piece.  available.

126.2g single piece. available.

sold. 148g. 6 pieces. AAA

lot of small pieces 4g-15g.  500g-2kg. available.

available. single piece. 735.5g

available. 1035g turquoise and green clear lot

Green/blue lot. 700g - 2.7kg. low price

available. 1914g.  clear. single piece. blue/green

available.  Large green single piece 2148g

raw rough blue amber for sale

Sold.  641.7g lot. Clear with few inclusions.

Sold.  604g with inclusions. 

Sold.  134.5g clear single piece.

rough raw blue amber large

clear blue amber large single piece 552g. Sold

632.6g Clear Dominican Green Amber  Sold

Dominican Green Amber

Dominican Green Amber Top quality


Clear Dominican Green amber 892g  

Top quality Dominican Green amber Beads   Sold


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