多明尼加 蓝琥珀  

Blue, Green, Red and Yellow  Dominican Amber

 Blue Amber Supplier Directly          from the Dominican Republic


لكهرمان الأزرق  藍琥珀  - डोमिनिकन नीले एम्बर

Dominican blue amber


Blue Amber Jewelry 

Ambar Azul 

Dominican Blue Amber


Blue Amber teardrops

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 During thousands of years, man has been by the mysterious origins of amber, with it's warm beauty and it's apparent mystical qualities of Dominican Blue amber .  


About Our Amber

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blue amber silver jewellery

All our amber pieces are the product of a meticulous search for

the finest materials available, our endeavour to attain the most original designs and our great passion for art and elegance..



About our jewellery

Dominican amber also comes in fabulous green, yellow and red

Celestial Blue Amber jewellery, unlike much of the Baltic amber

on the market today which has been subjected to techniques used

to enhance or alter it's appearance producing a manufactured product, 

our Dominican blue amber besides being cut and polished comes to you 

in it's unaltered,natural state and is testimony to the forces of nature  

which have shaped this magnificent stone during millennia.  (لكهرمان الأزرق ) ..........


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silver jewellery

Instead of first coming up with a design in silver and then cutting the

amber to fit the piece, effectively forcing it to fit and producing quantities

of identical jewellery as is common in most amber jewellery around the world today, all our stones are cut first, individually in such a way so as to maximize their natural beauty. We treat each and every stone as an individual and work sympathetically with it, allowing it to tell us which particular form it should take on during the cutting and polishing process.



Jewellery is then designed around  the stone to adorn it. The result:

unique, exclusive and individual designs which characterise all our pieces.

What is Blue Amber?

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Dominican blue amber  is the hardened resin of an extinct species of broadleaved tropical tree and is considered to be around 40 million years old. While yellow and redish amber is also found in the Baltic’s and parts of Mexico, the unique tones of blue, green and red found here, are to be found now here else on earth and even here are very rare.



Blue Amber Supplier Directly from the Dominican Republic  डोमिनिकन नीले एम्बर

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